At GrandView, we fund various missions and outreach needs through our tithes. We follow the principal that we “tithe on the tithes” we receive; therefore, 10% of the general offerings the church receives are channeled into a variety of areas for missions and outreach. Part of this tithe is forwarded to ministries outside our church while the rest is set aside into 4 different restricted funds for our own missions and outreach use.

Outside ministries
Church of God Ministries –
Church of God Colorado Conference –
Mercy’s Gate –
Family Connection –

Outreach Funds:
Community Outreach
Missions Trips
Supporting Groups – Jeff & Nancy Ingram (Missions Blog)

Mercy’s Gate was founded in 1982 as Northern Churches Care by five area churches who wanted to serve low-income families by offering a simple food pantry. The food pantry was intended to help struggling families make their paychecks stretch a little farther and to ensure that these individuals and families knew they were loved and supported during times of hardship.

Today, in addition to an on-site food pantry, they offer a holistic range of services including rental and utilities assistance, transportation and clothing vouchers, medical and prescription assistance, legal and tax services, and spiritual support and church referrals.

As a partner church, GrandView is committed to helping those in need along side Mercy’s Gate. There is a new food bin in our front hallway as Mercy’s Gate has some critical needs in their pantry. Please prayerfully consider helping by joining us in the mission to fill this bin and help support our neighbors in need with the following items:

  • Ramen
  • Rice (buy in bulk) and boxed pasta
  • Oatmeal and Rolled Oats
  • Boxed cereal
  • Baby diapers ( sizes 4, 5, 6)
  • Baked goods
  • Canned fruit, carrots/mixed vegetables
  • Canned meals (tuna, spam, salmon, chicken, ravioli)
  • Crackers
  • Sugar
  • Peanut Butter