Missions Report from Jeff Ingram – September 5, 2017

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Hello my Elder friends!

August was a bit of a whirlwind. We landed in Quito the last couple of days of July and spent some time here handling some logistical things in the office, catching up over some meals with some staff members and handing out good old American chocolate.

After about a week, we headed down to Shell and handed out more chocolate. Shell is a little town which is over the continental divide and down toward the jungle. If you’ve ever read Through the Gates of Splendor (if not you should) it is where Nate Saint and MAF was based. It is also where we (Reach Beyond) operated a hospital for many years.

We have a number of families who work in community development there. They have water projects for rural communities, a six month training program in community development for missionaries and have just developed a greenhouse program that’s pretty interesting.

We have one family there in transition. It’s a long complicated story… email me if you want the full scoop. And spent good time with them.

We headed back up to Quito after a couple of weeks and settled into one of the rooms of the guest house. The family running the host house had begun the process of relocating down the street. It took them a week or so to finish packing and move, so we moved into the host house August 25.

Lucky for us, the next week we shut things down for maintenance. J We had people here, working on some water pipes, fixing some general repairs around the place and cleaning carpets. You are all well aware of how handy I am so… I was little help.

So, we hosted our first guest Sept 2. The next day we had no hot water. J There’s always something.

This first month has reminded me of two things. First, life takes longer to live here. Let me know if you want more detail on what that means. But it’s a stressor.

Two, and I’m sure pastor can confirm this for me, people issues take time and energy. As we’ve begun to spend one on one time, hearing about little and big challenges, it’s been good and challenging. And can be exhausting.

And, all in all, it’s been a really good month.

Please pray for our visas. We have an appointment September 15.
Please pray for us to learn balance. As we’ve started running the guesthouse and engaging with staff, and keeping up with our overseas folks, how much can we handle?
Please pray that we will breathe light and life into all who enter.
And, Nancy is in her element, greeting guests, fixing meals for our team around town… hostessing. It’s good to see.

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