November Update

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Wow, it’s been quite a month. We had a great couple of weeks of vacation in October. Since then, we’ve been running full speed. It’s too long a list to write a narrative, so let me give you some bullet points.

  1. On the plane home from vacation a lady passed out right next to Nancy’s chair. Over the next three hours Nancy sat on the floor of the galley, gave her oxygen, iv fluids, heart monitor and restored her to consciousness. Vacation was over.
  2. Had a week in the Colorado office and landed back in Ecuador October 30th.
  3. We’ve met with coworkers, had coffees and lunches, listened and counseled, had bible studies and prayer times.
  4. Nancy found out she had trigger finger. Two days later she had surgery. Two weeks later, she’s healing up nicely.
  5. We offered to host all the missionaries who had no place to go for Thanksgiving. About four responded. We were asked by national staff if they could come. About 25 responded. A bit larger group than we expected. J We had a great time sharing what we were thankful for.
  6. OH! And we also vacuumed floors, cleaned rooms, showers and toilets for nearly 50 guests at the Quito Connection.

I have to tell you one story. We had a retired German missionary stay with us. She came up from her home on the coast to have eye surgery in our hospital. At the same time a bible translator from the U.S. was back visiting Ecuador to celebrate the completion of translations she had been a part of while living here.

I walked past the kitchen and they were both talking to Nancy. I had to ask the question, “How many years have each of you been in missions?”

Carolyn: I started in 1950.
Johanna: Since 1972.

Over 100 years of cross-cultural ministry standing in our kitchen. Precious ladies. It was an honor to have the opportunity to serve them.

We’re looking forward to December, the celebration of the founding of Quito, a fundraising campaign for our local FM station here, my boss comes to visit and Christmas! Should be fun!

Thank you for making all of this possible. We wouldn’t be here without your help.

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