We are a youth group that is going some place in life! We refuse to remain the same or to sit around. We are transitioning. GVYM follows the idea of traveling from one place to the next, from this life on the straight and narrow to eternity. Our journey, God’s way. We desire to move, to grow, to journey the way we were meant to. Come check us out, jump on board and see what Christ has in store for you.

Each week is an adventure at GVYM:
-Meaningful discussion time.
-Games that will rock your socks off!
-Engaging in worship and prayer time
-Random YouTube videos
-Guy-time, Girl-time
-Events such as grabbing FroYo, Movies, Snowball fights, Mocha hangout, etc.

We meet every Monday night for The Spot from 6-8PM which consists of worship, games, and Bible study. On Wednesdays we also meet from from 6-8PM as part of the Awana program!

Youth Room is located in the Education Wing.
Email: youth@grandviewcc.org
Leaders: Chris and Lisa Trickett